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Message From The Couple

Many thanks to Almighty God for bringing us this far and taking us deeper into the future as we continue to ask for stronger bond together in good health and wealth. Thanks to our children, family, and friends for being there for us and celebrating this milestone with us. We pray for God's continuous grace and blessings!

About Us

Blessed be the Almighty God that 2024 makes us 35 years together and 30 years in wedlock. Together with our children (Alexandria, Alexis, Alex Jr. and Alan) and our granddaughter (Ava), family and friends, we celebrate our 35/30 Memoir! What turned out to be a life-long union started during the long Christmas weekend of 1988 at the Footsteps Night Club in New Kru Town. Juah and her cousin, Gbeh went to the club as guests of the DJ of that club. By then, Alex ran his own bar, Beverly Hills. After the close of business that day, Alex and his DJ, "Kill Form" went to end the night at the Footsteps Night Club, where they met Juah and Gbeh. “Kill Form” told Alex that Juah was his (Kill Form's) girlfriend, which Juah refuted. Alex being a gentleman, took charge of proceedings at the club. After some conversation and dance together, the girls said they had to go home as they had passed their curfew time. They exercised the courtesy of informing the DJ that they were leaving, and he came out to escort them. Alex and "Kill Form" looked on while the DJ escorted the girls. The DJ came back bragging that he had "captured" Juah, which later turned out not to be true! After the holiday season, Alex reconnected with Juah in January 1989 through Winston Vincent. Alex invited Juah to his house, they met and subsequent visits with each other ensued. While he is only 6 years older than her, Alex saw Juah as a little girl. He felt obligated just to protect her from all the boys chasing after her, being a new and fresh girl in the town. She will come visit him, he will make everything fine for her, give her money to buy things for herself, but he will not go beyond that. That kind of affairs continued for a few weeks. On one fateful day, Alex "broke the chain of custody". It was from that day he got stuck! The love blossom, the little girl took charged to the amazement of everyone including his closest friends Alfred Walker (late), Samuel Dewine Nimene Jr (late) and Eric Daniels. They used to call her "little"… saying to him “damn, my man, "little" gaining grounds o”. Juah and Alex fell deeply in love and became so closed that nobody and nothing could separate them. At the heat of the civil war in Liberia, Alex and Juah left in two separate cargo ships to Accra, Ghana in September and October 1990, respectively. They had Alexis there, and Alexandria joined them from Liberia in 1993, they got married on September 10, 1994, and had Alex, Jr. Alexandria and Alexis, and Juah and Alex, Jr (only 2 years old at the time) benefited from the refugee resettlement program and immigrated to the United States in 1998 and 1999, respectively, leaving back Alex Sr who later joined them in 2000. The family settled in Minnesota and had Alan there. In 2006, Alex Sr went back to Liberia to work after he was recruited by the US government to serve of the GEMAP project of financial experts. Juah, Alex, Jr and Alan later joined Alex Sr in Liberia in late 2008 leaving Alexandria in Atlanta, Georgia and Alexis in Sacramento, California. The journey back to Liberia, whilst rewarding, presented the family with some challenges. Alexis and Alex Jr were relocated back to Minnesota in 2010, and Alexis had Ava in 2012. Juah and Alan returned from Liberia back to Minnesota in 2013 and resettled the family. This move by Juah eventually proved to be a blessing for the family! In 2019, Alex Sr escaped and rejoin the family in Minnesota after his life came under threat in Liberia. All praises to the Almighty God! In 2021, Alex relocated the family to Dallas, Texas where they currently reside in comfort by the good graces of the Almighty God. Alexis and Ava still reside in Minnesota, Alexandria still resides in Atlanta, Georgia; and they make frequent visits to Texas.



August 29th - Welcome to Beautiful Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Check-in @ 4 pm 
Relax & Enjoy the Resort 
Dinner @ 7:00 pm (Location TBA)

Welcome Party

August 30th, Party Day! Fun Day!
 Breakfast Buffet @ 9:00 am
Pool time fun @ 12:00 pm - Join the Couple @ the Pool.
Welcome Night  @ 6:00pm - Soul Train Night

Vowel Renewal

August 31st, Wedding Day

 9:30 am Ladies Brunch w/ the Bride 

Wedding Details - Black Tie

White Party

September 1st, Cruising Day


Private All White Cruise @ 9am

Relax & Enjoy the Resort 

Free Day

September 2nd, Cruising Day


Enjoy the Resort / Costa Rica your way,

Closing Dinner @ 7:00pm (Location TBD)


September 3rd, Home sweet home


Check-out head home


Who Are We
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