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Welcome to Eureka's 50th Curacao Getaway

Payment Page

June 13th, 2024 - June 17th, 2024

Hello and welcome to the payment page. There are various ways to make your payment. Please review the options below and proceed with your payment method.​



Payment Options:

There are three ways to make your payment. Zelle, Cashapp, and Credit cards (via an invoice).


Once you send your deposit ($250) Please send me a copy of the payment with your full name and contact info. Please send your information to my WhatsApp # - 856-261-3719. Thanks in advance.  


Below are the Payment Details:


Zelle and Cashapp payments are free and you can send any amount at any time before the due date.  


If you need to make a credit card payment please text me the amount you want to pay and I will send you an invoice.  There 4% is a processing fee with each credit card payment.  


Zelle * Cashapp payment instructions:

Please add the notes (Eureka Trip) to either payment method 



- Name: Saysaw Donaldson 

- 856-261-3719


Cashapp (Use the $(Name and phone# below only) 

- $DonaldsonLTS 

- 856-343-0126

Select Room
Submit Deposit

Thanks for sending in your payment

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