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About Us



Welcome to Donaldson Luxury Travel, where sophistication meets exploration. I'm Saysaw Agnes Donaldson, the architect of your luxurious escapades. With a passion for travel deeply rooted in my soul, I've roamed through 56 major cities, channeling this wealth of experience into the very fabric of Donaldson Luxury Travel.


As a structural engineer, I comprehend the intricate details that transform a journey into an extraordinary experience. My dedication to crafting seamless getaways with a touch of opulence ensures that each adventure is a masterpiece tailored to surpass expectations.


At Donaldson Luxury Travel, our guiding principle is simple yet profound:

From Your Home to the World


This motto epitomizes our commitment to transporting you from the comfort of your home to the most lavish destinations worldwide. As a connoisseur of luxury, I delight in infusing every itinerary with a wow factor, ensuring that your getaway is not merely a trip but an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary.


Beyond the world of luxury travel, my personal journey is woven with love and family. For over 26 years, I've shared a joyous union with my partner, Mr. Leon Donaldson, affectionately known as Mr. D. Together, we are blessed with four beautiful children, underscoring the importance of family values in our agency's culture.


Join us at Donaldson Luxury Travel, where the seamless blend of luxury, passion, and familial warmth awaits, transforming your dream vacation into an unforgettable reality.

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