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Donaldson Luxury Travel

PROPOSAL DATE: July, 6th 2023

From Venice to Rome – 11 days


Below, you can read the tailor-made itinerary for you, starting in magical Venice, unique in its splendor. Heading south, you will move on to Tuscany, rich in history and good food, and then continue to romantic Sorrento. Your journey will conclude in historic Rome, where you will be able to breathe in an unforgettable atmosphere.
Unique experiences and comfortable accommodations will complement your vacation in the
'Bel Paese'.

Your Trip To Italy

Venice, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast and Rome

Estimated arrival to Venice on September 15th, 2023

Tour: 10 nights

✓3 nights in Venice
✓3 nights in Cortona
✓3 nights in Sorrento
✓2 nights in Rome

Estimated departure from Rome on September 28th 2023

Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 7.20.06 PM.png

Your Trip In A Nutshell

Venice, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast and Rome

Tour: 10 nights

Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 7.36.32 PM.png

Day 1,  September 16th | Venezia Arrival day and leisure time
Day 2, September 17th | Venezia Classic Tour, Bragozzo Tour
Day 3, September 18th | Cortona Tour of Florence/ Welcome to Cortona
Day 4, September 19th | Cortona Cooking class and visit
Day 5, September 20th | Cortona Val d’Orcia wineries at your leisure
Day 6, September 21st | Sorrento Welcome to Sorrento
Day 7, September 22nd | Sorrento Amalfi Coast tour with driver
Day 8, September 23rd | Sorrento Farm Food Experience
Day 9, September 24th | Rome Departure to Rome/Ancient Rome tour
Day 10, September 25th | Rome Vatican Museum Tour
Day 11, September 26th | Rome/US Departure day


Venice Hotel

Day 1 - September 15 


Arrive at Venice airport with your flight at 09.35 am.
A private transfer will bring you to your Hotel

Arrival at your accommodation, 4-star Palazzo Veneziano

Check in: September 15
Check out: September 18
Total 3 nights


Sky view, suggestive window on the ceiling or cozy half-moon window, wooden floor, queen, twin or four-poster bed. Bathroom with walk-in shower or bathtub with chromotherapy- Free Wi-Fi

Palazzo Veneziano

Contact us on WhatsApp at +390412778719 or by email at

Palazzo Veneziano
The rooms of Palazzo Veneziano welcome you in the heart of Venice, offering romantic views of the lagoon and modern comforts. Staying in this 4-star hotel in Venice is ideal for those who want refined settings and luxury services, all close to the beating heart of the city.


Day 2 - September 17


This tour combines the visits to St. Mark’s Square, the Doge’s Palace, Rialto Bridge and Rialto market in a unique and captivating itinerary.

A professional guide, specialized in the history of Venice, will lead you through the
St. Mark’s Square that was described by Napoleon as the most beautiful dining room in Europe and will illustrate the story of majestic monuments such as the Byzantine Basilica, the bell tower designed by Sansovino and the early renaissance Clock Tower. The tour will proceed with the visit to the Basililica of St. Mark. Strolling through Rialto Bridge, end up with a visit to the vibrant Rialto market, a real chance to experience the Venetians’ everyday life. We are in the commercial heart of the city, where people meet to chat or do business: let your senses be guided by sounds, smells and colors; let your palate be tickled by the abundance of local products!

Duration: 4 hours
Includes: historical private guide, tickets entrance to Basilica

In the afternoon
lagoon at sunset in a traditional boat from Veni
ce called «Bragozzo» with a glass of Prosecco and a taste of typical venetian appetizers «cichetti» for a unique and romantic experience

Duration: 2 hours
Include: Bragozzo tour and aperitif

And don’t forget in your free time...
✓To enjoy the unique view form the terrace of the «Fondaco dei Tedeschi»
✓To visit the ancient library «Acqua Alta»
To have an aperitif at the glamorous Riva Lounge


Day 3 - September 18

In the early morning, with a water taxi depart from your Hotel and go to the train station. Take your high speed train and arrive in Florence (early morning, duration 2h30m).

Venezia --> Firenze: Frecciarossa (suggested in the morning)

Deposit your luggage in a secured locker close to the station and enjoy Florence


Meet your guide and start your private tour (early afternoon)
The history of the Tuscan capital spans millennia, and a well-planned visit reveals that the inner circle of Florence’s rulers, writers and architects was so small and exclusive that their names have become synonymous with the city.
We recommend to explore this beautiful city with the help of a private, historical guide who will show you the many points of interest, including the the Duomo Complex with its Giotto’s bell tower and the Baptistery, Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio and more.

Duration: About 3 hours
Include: Private Guide

In the afternoon pick up your rental car, at the train station in the city center
We propose a model economy, automatic gear and insurance zero deductible


Cortona Hotel & More

Day 3 - September 18


Depart, with your rental car, to Cortona and Tuscan countryside (110km)

Arrival at your accommodation in the small town of Cortona

Arrival at your accommodatio
n, 4-star
Hotel Villa Marsili

Check in: September 18
Check out: September 21
Total 3 nights

1 deluxe room with jacuzzi, valley view and breakfast

Check Out Villa Marsili Right Here


Hotel Villa Marsili
In Cortona, in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, Hotel Villa Marsili offers spectacular views over Lake Trasimeno. Located just a few minutes walk from
the historic center of Cortona,
it is the ideal starting point for exploring the authentic Tuscany, this land of wonder, full of unique scents and flavors. Hotel Villa Marsili Cortona welcomes you to its environments perfectly restored, where the love and care of the owners are breathed in every detail, with the fine antique furnishings and the warm colors of the frescoed walls. Villa Marsili located just outside the pedestrian area of Cortona, one of the most interesting cities in Tuscany. If
you want to enjoy a special holiday between Tuscany and Umbria, our location is what you need.

Cortona is a small and friendly town in the Valdichiana, in the province of 
Arezzo, which we have chosen for you because, in addition to being a beautiful medieval town, it is strategically located for visiting the major cities such as Siena, in less than one hour's drive, Assisi in Umbria at a bout half an hour and visiting the beautiful medieval villages typical of Tuscany (Pienza, Montepulciano and the magnificent Val d'Orcia). 
In Cortona, for dinner, you can choose among many typical restaurants, all of excellent quality. 
We can help you in your choice without any problem.

Val D'orcia Visit

Day 4 - September 19

Val D'orcia And Visit Wineries At Your Leisure

With your car, drive for a day to visit to Val d’Orcia countryside, with its smale
beautiful villages, wineries and have some tasting experience.

One of our proposals can include the visit of the cellars in Montepulciano,
cheese boutique in Pienza and/or visit Montalcino with its renowned
«Brunello di Montalcino» wine.

A unique experience where you can visit the wineries, and visit this beautiful
medieval town an countryside.

Drive with your rental car through the countryside toward Montepulciano

(the panoramic road from Cortona to Montepulciano is strongly suggested)

Have a lunch with typical products in one of the many traditional restaurants
of the area.

In case of confirmation we will give you suggestion on wineries and places



Cooking Lesson In Cortona

Day 5 - September 20

Go to the Farm in the countryside and have a cooking class


Cook together to discover the authentic Tuscan cuisine includes many
recipes and: fun, exciting no-nonsense approach, Lunch or Dinner after
lesson, relaxing homely atmosphere, Apron & Recipes.

Many of the products come from the garden and farm and vary
according to seasonality

Duration: about 4 hour
Include: English speaking activity tasting and lunch

Rest of your day at your leisure. We suggest a visit to enchanting town
of Cortona.

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 10.38.42 AM.png

And don’t forget in your free time...
✓​Go to Piazzale Michelangelo to enjoy the outstanding view of Florence from the top
✓To visit the stunning Giardino di Boboli in Florence
✓Visit the monastery "the Cells of St. Francis" a trulymagnificent place in Cortona
✓Have a dinner at Osteria del Teatro one of the best
restaurant of Cortona


Sorrento Hotel & More

Day 6 - September 21


Depart with your car to Rome station (about 2h30m) and from there take your train to Naples

Rome - > Naples High speed train early afternoon

Your trip will continue towards the Amalfi Coast with your private driver to Sorrento

In the afternoon you will join your charming accommodation: RELAIS PALAZZO DEL BARONE

Check in: September 21
Check out: September 24
Total 3 nights

Suite with sea view and breakfast

Palazzo Del Barone

Relais Palazzo del Barone.
Palazzo del Barone, completely restored in 2017, is a
refined relais nestled in the green hills of Sorrento, among lush citrus groves and
secular olive trees, offering amazing views: the Sorrento Bay, the Gulf of Naples, the
majestic Mount Vesuvius and Capri with its Faraglioni rocks.
The property features 4 Deluxe Double Rooms and 2 luxury Suites equipped with all
modern amenities. The selection of elegant and stylish furniture makes each room
unique. Bright colors and the design respect the typical Sorrento and Amalfi Coast
Guests are treated to the typical atmosphere of a Sorrentine family, with the
intention of making everyone feel at home and enjoying comfort and relaxation.

In the evening you can stroll through romantic Sorrento and stop at one of
the area's many small restaurants.

Most of the clubs, pubs and lounge bars are located in the upper town, in
Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, where loud music echoes through the
streets, mingling with the laughter of the young. The pearl of the Sorrento
coastline also offers cla
ssic and identifiable entertainment: the calendar of
shows at the Teatro Tasso, a year-round venue for art, never disappoints.

Visit Amalfi Coast Villages

Day 7 - September 22


Explore the famous Amalfi Coast with a private driver who will take
you from village to village. With this full-day excursion departing from
Positano, you will discover Amalfi
and Ravello, and other small villages
among the most beautiful towns in southern Italy. We offer you the
perfect choice if you want to savour the authentic atmosphere of
southern Italy and its beautiful coastal landscapes.
We will suggest a place where to have a lunch and not to be missed a
visit to Villa Cimbrone and/or Villa Rufolo in Ravello.

Includes: Private transfer with driver English speaking
Duration – Full day

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 10.48.55 AM.png


Day 8 - September 23


You can't visit Campania without tasting one of the world's best-loved
delicacies: buffalo mozzarella. And why not discover the production process as well?

Your will taste also the oil and proceed with a cooking lesson of pizza! You will immerse yourself in the history of a typical farm.
There will also be a tasting session.

Duration: Around 6 hours
Includes: Tastings, Pizza making class and Hotel return transfer

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 10.50.06 AM.png


Day 8 - September 23


For an optimal excursion, it is advisable to take the route from top to bottom:
in particular, the long walk starts in Agerola, from the hamlet of Bomerano,
650 meters above sea level, then crosses Nocelle locality, and continues
through the ancient route of the Hellenic settlers, once dominated by temples,
to Positano.
The place still retains all its charm and has inspired poets and men of letters.
Italo Calvino described the Path of the Gods as "that road suspended over the
magical gulf of the 'Sirens' still furrowed by memory and myth." And it is
precisely with this phrase imprinted on a ceramic plaque that the path that
represents a boast for the entire Amalfi Coast begins.
The Path of the Gods has not been touched by the hand of man. Indeed, no
one has dared to desecrate the beauty of the place, not even the weather has
managed to scratch the rocks that jealously guard the stories of the peoples
who have lived there.
The most sensitive souls can let their imagination take them away, trying to
hear the sound of Ulysses' ship plowing through the blue waters of the
Tyrrhenian Sea and reaching the Amalfi Coast. Only the smell of the vegetation
can tickle the mind and divert it from the mythological vision.

In alternative: you can also visit Capri island, with a ferry at your leisure, or we can organize a boat tour (at the moment not included)

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 10.51.11 AM.png

And don’t forget in your free time...
✓​Have some shopping in Corso Italia (Sorrento)
✓Drink a glass of «Limoncello»
✓Have a fish dinner at Marina Grande


Rome Hotel & More

Day 9 - September 24


With your private driver leave early morning to Naples station and take your train
Napoli --> ROMA: Frecciarossa
(Late morning)

Take a taxj at the station (not included) and proceed to your accommodation close to St Peter

Arrival at your accommodation, apartment VATICAN LOFT

Check in: Septembe
r 24
Check out: September 26
Total 2 nights
1 x apartment loft

Rest of the time at your leisure

Note: In case of confirmation we will be happy to suggest some good restaurant and things to see in you free time

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 10.56.03 AM.png

Vatican loft
Located 2 km from St. Peter's Square and Basilica and a 12-minute walk from the Vatican Museums, Vatican Loft offers accommodation with free WiFi.All accommodations have a private bathroom, bidet, air conditioning, flat-screen TV and microwave. A refrigerator, stovetop and coffee maker are available.2.4 km from Castel Sant'Angelo.


and Palatine
Visit the Colosseum, wander through the Roman Forum and
discover all the secrets of the legendary city founded by Romulus in
753 BC, get ready for breathtaking views from the Palatine top-hill
terrace before admiring the Triumphal Arch of Titus and the holy
House of the Vestals. Assisted by your expert guide, you’ll take one
of the most breathtaking tours ever.

Duration: About 3 hours
Includes: Private guide


Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 10.57.46 AM.png


Day 10 - September 25


A look at the Vatican Museums map would reveal the meandering collection of art that is hosted within the walls of this famous complex.

Your journey will be facilitated by the guidance of an expert in the Vatican’s history and culture. You will also benefit from a special visit to the Sistine Chapel, admiring Michelangelo’s impressive frescoes, and end up visiting the outstanding St. Peter Basilica
(at your leisure)

Duration: About 3 hours
Includes: Entrance tickets and private guide for Vatican Museum only

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 10.59.45 AM.png

And don’t forget in your free time...
✓To buy a souvenir gourmant at Salumeria
Norcineria where you can taste the tipical «
✓Take a walk in the early morning to enjoy works of art such as Fontana di Trevi without the usual crowd
✓Visit Galleria Sciarra, a hidden Art Nouveau courtyard not far from Fontana di Trevi

Departure Day

Day 11 - September 26

Check out and with a taxi (book locally) to go to Airport for your flight


—Pngtree—3d rendering of airplane_4197190.png



TOTAL PRICE FOR 2: 12,986.00 USD

Pricing Includes:

• Hotels: 10 Nights In Accommodations High Standard Quality

• Double rooms - with breakfast included
(excluded the 2 nights in Rome)

• All the Trains tickets

• Transfer from Venice Airport to Hotel

• Private guided tour in Venice
(about 4 hours)

• Bragozzo Lagoon sunset tour + aperitif (2 hours)

• Private transfer from Hotel to Venice train station

• Private guided tour in Florence (about 3 hours)

• Rental car with zero deductible

• Cooking class + lunch (about 4 hours)

• Private transfer from Naples station to Sorrento

• Private driver– Amalfi Coast (full day)

• Sorrento Farm experience with tasting and lunch + return transfer

• Private transfer from Sorren
to to Naples station

• Private guided tour Ancient Rome included entrance tickets
(about 3 hours)

• Private guided tour Vatican Museum included entrance tickets (about 3 hours)

• All tours and experiences in English

• Local Assistance 24/7 (by phone)

• Itinerary planning and booking services

Pricing Does Not Includes:

• International flights
• Tourism taxes
• Meals
(except breakfast and the one as in program)
• Extras and tips
• Anything not expressly mentioned in the section «price includes»

All services offered have not been optioned and are subject to availability at the time of booking.

Prices will be reconfirmed at the time of booking and may be subject to change
(especially for trains and other means of transport). The photos on our website are only examples

Please Click Down Below To Make Your Choice

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