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So What Are DLT Signature Trips?

DLT Signature Trips, a unique and highly customizable travel experience designed to cater to the discerning traveler. 


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Indulge in the ultimate shopping experience on our DLT Signature Shopping Trip, spanning a total of 6 days and 5 nights. This exceptional journey offers three lavish nights in the fashion-forward city of Milan, followed by two enchanting nights in the artistic hub of Florence. 

Milan, Italy | Florence, Italy
3 Nights In Milan | 2 Nights In Florence

Shopping Trip

6 Days, 5 Nights

Couture Travelers Group 1

Sept 18th to Sept 23rd 2024


Couture Travelers Group 2

October 2nd to Oct 7th 2024

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Explore And Adore Italio With DLT

Immerse yourself in the world of fashion, explore high-end boutiques, and discover unique artisanal treasures in the heart of these iconic Italian cities. With every step, you'll find yourself in a shopper's paradise, surrounded by exquisite design, cultural richness, and the allure of Italian craftsmanship. Join us for a shopping adventure that's as stylish as the destinations themselves. From historical landmarks like the world's largest Gothic cathedral, to top-tier fashion labels presents a harmonious blend of the traditional and the cutting-edge. Whether you aim to immerse yourself in history at the Duomo, revel in a shopping spree at the Quadrilatero district, appreciate art at the Pinacoteca di Brera, or savor a cocktail along the charming Navigli canals, Liberty Travel can personalize your vacation package, providing insider insights to ensure you encounter the finest aspects of Milan. Milan's status as Italy's fashion capital is richly deserved. The city is an absolute haven for shoppers and fashion enthusiasts, boasting a dazzling array of options, from luxury brands and high-end boutiques to charming vintage shops and thrift stores. As the birthplace of fashion giants like Gucci, Versace, Prada, and Armani, Milan effortlessly surpasses every expectation. It's a city where style is in the air you breathe, making it an unmatched destination for those seeking the epitome of fashion excellence. 


Nestled in the heart of Tuscany, the charming city of Florence, is a cultural treasure and a visual delight, making it a top-priority destination. As the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence captivates with its meandering cobblestone streets, magnificent architecture, bustling squares, and serene art galleries housing masterpieces by Da Vinci, Botticelli, and Michelangelo. Whether your desires lead you to luxury shopping at renowned fashion houses, savoring the flavors of Tuscan wines, people-watching in the shadow of the Duomo, or capturing the beauty of a Ponte Vecchio sunset, Liberty Travel can tailor a vacation package that perfectly suits your preferences. 

Don't forget your passport. Enjoy Milan and Firenzi!


Departure City: JFK

Arrival Airport: Malpensa Airport (MXP)

What To Expect Before Your Trip

You may be subject to passport/or visa requirements to travel to your destination. Passport processing often takes several months and could take longer during peak travel periods. We recommend that you give yourself time to obtain a valid passport. Some international destinations require your passport to be valid for a certain period of time after your date of departure. Please review all international destination entry requirements prior to traveling.


We’re dedicated to your health and safety and our goal is to ensure your well-being at every step of your trip.


DLT will send you updates about your destination between now and your departure date. Please note that guidelines/restrictions are subject to change.


If you are checking luggage, unless specified in What's Included, DLT does not cover your baggage allowance.


70-86 degrees °F


59 to 77 degrees °F

Trip Details
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